Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Today’s ever-changing technology and economic pressures demand security solutions that are both effective and budget-friendly. Security guards alone are rarely enough to meet the security needs of retail, commercial and residential establishments. At Security USA® we draw from the best technology and most highly trained personnel to provide security solutions that meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

We begin with a thorough risk assessment, taking into account the physical setting, history, personnel and all foreseeable threats to people and property. The vast experience of our management in law enforcement, military and counter-terrorism applications makes us uniquely qualified to accurately identify our clients’ security needs.

Since our founding in 2001, Security USA® has diligently worked to stay abreast of the latest in security technology, enabling us to integrate those advancements that meet our clients’ needs into our security plans, saving our clients’ money with reduced manpower costs.

Our plans include access control, surveillance and weapons detection technology, as required, incorporating more traditional technologies, like CCTV, along with cutting-edge systems, including facial recognition and other biometrics to create the most effective and cost-effective systems. Yet, we understand that the most sophisticated equipment is only as good as those who operate it, so we make sure that our security guards are thoroughly trained in all aspects of security, the specific needs of the facility and the appropriate technology. In fact, we maintain a proprietary security guard training program to ensure that all of our guards meet our exacting standards of training and preparation.

The incorporation of technology into our security plans allows us to maintain a complete safety net in your facility with fewer security guards, which saves you money. Electronic surveillance provides records of events that can prove valuable in investigations and court proceedings, and GPS monitoring allows us to know where our guards are at all times. Our management closely monitors all of our systems and uses surveillance equipment to monitor our personnel, creating an additional level of security for our clients. Security USA® provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our integrated solutions are meeting and exceeding all of your security needs.