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Security USA, Inc. Executive Team

Security USA® brings decades of experience to providing our clients with unparalleled security services and customer satisfaction. Our executive managers and consultants are combat veterans of the U.S Army, IDF, and ranking veteran members of the NYPD and other law enforcement agencies.

Rami Hahitti, CEO

Rami Hahitti, Chief Executive Officer

Rami Hahitti is the Founder and CEO of Security USA, Inc. Since December 2001, Mr. Hahitti has been a key contributor in providing security solutions to all industries, merging leading-edge private security with public safety expertise. Having conceived the company in the wake of 9/11, Mr. Hahitti brings his concern for the public to the forefront of the security industry. A former officer in the Israeli Defense Forces' 50th Brigade, Mr. Hahitti's vision is to instill Israeli precision in defense into American private security. Mr. Hahitti has also taken an active role in developing private security training programs and integrating public and private security measures. Since Security USA, Inc's beginnings, he has worked alongside community leaders including former NYPD officers and heads of public service agencies. This synergy allows Security USA, Inc. not only to better protect private clients, but also to stay informed and protect the public.

Security USA, Inc.'s constant growth is a direct reflection of Mr. Hahitti's entrepreneurial spirit. After finishing his service as an officer in the IDF, Mr. Hahitti moved to New York City at the modest age of 24 and immediately started several entrepreneurial ventures, becoming a successful businessman and community leader. Being the founder and former CEO of several successful businesses before his inception of Security USA, Inc., Mr. Hahitti translates his technology and business development expertise into concrete leadership and superior business operation.

David Boehm, Head of Operations

David Boehm, Chief Operating Officer

David Boehm joined Security USA® in 2004, after nearly two decades of service with the NYPD, bringing his expertise in combating crime and counter terrorism to the private security sector. His insight, dedication and ethics caused him to rise through the ranks of the NYPD beginning his career as a Police Officer and being promoted to Detective Investigator, Sergeant and Lieutenant by the time he retired from active duty. During his career with NYPD, he directly supervised thousands of law enforcement officers and participated in all levels of law enforcement work from uniformed patrol to plainclothes undercover enforcement. David is responsible for planning and overseeing all security operations of the firm, providing security consulting, training, presenting security seminars and creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for each client. His unique understanding of the city and his ability to work well with people from any walk of life are strengths that help Security USA® to truly excel. He utilizes many of the strategies and policies employed by the law enforcement community, and applies them to the various levels of security needed in the private sector.

Yael Kadosh, Director of Sales

Yael Kadosh, Chief Business Development Officer

As Chief Business Development Officer for Security USA, Inc., Yael Kadosh serves as the liaison between our firm and many of our clients, ensuring that each of them receives the highest level of personalized customer service. Mrs. Kadosh joined Security USA® in 2010 and brings a wealth of experience in business, real estate and property management. The depth of her knowledge has assisted us in becoming a specialist in the world of real estate, development and property management, incorporating it all into superior security services for our clients. She is fluent in English and Hebrew, and is a graduate of Tel-Aviv University where she received her degree in Business. She is also a veteran who served as a captain in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Yisrael Weiner, Field Operations Manager

Yisrael Weiner, Executive Vice President

Yisrael Weiner has been with Security USA® since 2007 and has held various supervisory positions. He was promoted to Field Operations Manager in 2012 due to his exceptional work ethics and experience. He is currently responsible for supervising field employees, providing employee direction, feedback and monitoring staff performance. He conducts budget reviews, tracks expenses, recommends improvements and coordinates development and implementation of our on-site technology. Yisrael is an officer military veteran who served in various commanding positions with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and has over 10 years of experience in the security industry. Yisrael's military and security experience and ePertiseHasHelpedDistinguishSecurityUsa&Reg;within the industry. He is a graduate of Brooklyn College where he received his degree in Business Administration and Finance.

Boris Volovik, Head of Technology Department

Uzi Batish, Director of Quality Control

Uzi Batish joined Security USA in 2011 and has since excelled in a variety of supervising roles. He now serves as the company's Director of Quality Control as a result of his superior attention to detail and diligent work ethic. Uzi is currently responsible for coordinating numerous functions that allow for the successful delivery of Security USA's services. He performs inspections on all vehicles, reviews incident reports, analyses geolocation data for company resources, and oversees the installations or repairs of all cameras. Uzi served in the Israeli Defense Force, where he used his training to help secure the Jordan-Israeli border, and protected the safety of key Isareli public figures as Consulate Security for the Jewish Agency. These experiences have shaped Uzi's ability to manage complex situations and lead others under his direction. After many years of working in the security industry, Uzi found his home at Security USA and has been a critical factor in ensuring the high level of quality and performance stemming from our services.

Albert Timens, Senior Counter Terrorism Consultant and Expert Security Trainer.

Albert Timens, Senior Counter Terrorism Consultant and Expert Security Trainer.

Albert Timen provides Security USA® with an in-depth Insight and understanding of counter terrorism procedures, which are incorporates his training courses for our security officers. Albert joined Security USA, Inc. in 2003, bringing over 20 years of active service in Military Special Operations followed by a career in Police and Diplomatic Security. He has served as an undercover operator in the IDF Counter Terrorism Special Unit. Albert Served as an instructor at the Israeli National Police Academy and was directly responsible for instructing SWAT units and teaching both tactical firearms use and operational procedures and responses. Albert has received the Distinguished Service Award and numerous commendations for his actions in the line of duty, including the Chief of Staff Award for successfully arresting a "live" suicide bomber, strapped with explosives and in progress to target. He is a Expert in Firearms Instruction with vast experience in Military, Police, Government and private sector training.

Weichi Lee, Director of IT and Facilities

Weichi Lee, Director of IT and Facilities

Weichi is involved in all phases of our technology development and maintenance, both in our headquarters and our clients' locations around the NYC-area. These phases include data analysis, design, coding, testing, supports and improvements. A graduate of New York City College of Technology with a degree in Computer Science, Weichi has been working in the IT field for more than 5 years, with experience in all sort of devices and computer programming.

Iris Shafir, Manager of Accounts Payable & Receivable

Iris Shafir, Chief Financial Officer

Iris Shafir joined Security USA in 2018 and is currently Manager of Accounts Payable & Receivable. Iris is responsible for ensuring timely payments for vendor invoices while maintaining an accurate record of all transactions. Furthermore, she efficiently handles activities related to collections, such as following-up with parties and effectively negotiating with accounts that are past due. Her ability to handle these responsibilities allows the company to guarantee that financials goals, or milestones, are being met.
Mrs. Shafir previously served in the Israeli Defense Force as a physical trainer and instructor specializing in Krav Maga, a form of self-defense developed by the Israeli army to resolve life threatening situations or conflicts. Iris's experience as an instructor has resulted in the exemplary communication skills she holds today. She leverages these skills to successfully prevent or resolve any issues between vendors and the company

Mayra Fernandez, Office Manager

Ronald Wylie, Director of Account Management

Ronald Wylie is the Director of Account Management at Security USA Inc., and has been with the company since 2012. Ronald attended Rutgers University and majored in Business Management and has over 30 years of experience in the security customer service and operations business.
At Security USA Inc., Mr. Wylie's duties include, but are not limited to supervisor and security officer training and scheduling. Ronald also specializes in resolving conflicts on site locations, and ensuring that clients are satisfied and happy with the services they expect from Security USA Inc. as outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures. Ronald enjoys traveling, Broadway, and live sporting events.

Stephen Jackson, Senior Account Manager

Stephen Jackson, Senior Account Manager

Stephen Jackson is a senior account manager at Security USA, Inc and brings with him over 20 years of security management experience, as well as experience as a former US Marine and Persian Gulf War Veteran. In his role as a senior account manager, Mr. Jackson actively assists the Director of Operations and Chief Operating Officer in daily operations regarding manpower at all of our sites. In addition to this, Mr. Jackson personally acts as the liaison between our clients and our management team. Mr. Jackson prides himself on providing excellent customer service and matching all the needs and expectations of our clients,

Alex Rwambuya, Account Manager

Alex Rwambuya, Account Manager

Alex Rwambuya is an account manager at Security USA, Inc., bringing 30 years of experience, most recently managing security teams at the World Trade Center. That role entailed working with Homeland Security, the FBI, Port Authority, Secret Service as well as receceiving Mossad developed Counter-Terrorism Training. As the chief liaison between a portfolio of diverse clients and Security USA, Inc. Mr. Rwambuya handles all day-to-day client needs and troubleshooting, such as staffing issues and on-site incidents. Mr. Rwambuya prides himself on combining his excellent sales and customer relations skills acquired as an insurance representative and real estate broker, with his high caliber security training, to provide the seamless security solutions our clients expect and deserve.

Alex Rwambuya, Account Manager

Darrell Wright, Account manager

Darrell Wright is an account manager at Security USA, Inc. Coming from a 30-year tenure in healthcare as the Director of Operations Facilities and Transportation, Mr. Wright decided to change career paths and pursue security full time, bringing with him 20 years of experience in the security industry, including entertainment and executive security services. Since 2015, Mr. Wright has actively focused on managing and overseeing shelters within the NYC Department of Homeless Services. He is passionate about providing a secure and safe environment for all. Mr. Wright personally acts as the advocate between the client and Security USA Inc.

We take pride in our team of top-notch professionals, and our commitment to pursuing and diligently testing the latest in security technology to bring the highest level of service and value to our clients. Please feel free to contact the appropriate members of our staff to answer your questions and you'll understand why Security USA® is known for our service and professionalism


Decades of experience in providing our clients with unparalleled security services

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