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Security USA® leads the industry in residential security solutions. We leverage the optimal blend of manpower and technology to meet the particular concerns of residential communities and to create optimal residential security solutions. Security USA® analyzes high-rise rental buildings, luxury condominiums, gated communities, and Home Owners Associations to identify their critical security needs and create customized security plans featuring our unique synergy of human intelligence and cutting edge technology to provide concierge and valet services as well as access control.

With the staffing and resources of a large company, Security USA® offers highly customized security plans, utilizing our founder's vast experience to oversee all operations. Hands-on management, well-trained officers and the latest technology work together to allow us to provide residential security solutions that are specifically tailored for each building or community. Our track record for excellence in working with local law enforcement and the incorporation of community policing into the residential security solutions we provide, is an integral part of our operation. We continuously watch for improvements in security technology as well as changing conditions in your building and community to be sure that your residential building security plan will be effective in securing your building on an ongoing basis. There won't be a need to switch security companies just to keep your security program up to date. Right from the start, we work to find the right security officers for your location, employing agents who are multi-lingual and possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Our staff turnover rate is extremely low, resulting in a continuity of services and personnel that will make your residents feel more comfortable in your building. When there is an absence or emergency, we can quickly fill in with one of our team of agents on stand-by, and as needed, our management is prepared to get involved directly.

Your residential security plan may utilize electronic surveillance technology as an integral component, providing increased residential security at reduced cost. Security USA® can provide 'round the clock remote monitoring for your CCTV feed, utilizing the most advanced monitoring technology, staffed with highly trained personnel and experienced management. Our staff is monitored with the latest advances in camera technology and GPS tracking to ensure the highest levels of accountability and reliability.

Every security guard applicant is carefully screened and we maintain a proprietary training program taught by military and law enforcement specialists. The result is licensed officers with the ability to prevent and detect potential threats to life and property utilizing advanced surveillance techniques, identify criminal activity, be on watch for planned acts of terrorism, and be prepared to respond to all emergencies, including fire, power failure, medical, and natural disasters. Security USA®'s residential security officers are required to prepare frequent reports and be fluent in conflict resolution techniques to ensure the optimal functioning of daily operations. CPR/AED certified officers can also be provided as required.

Our continuous monitoring of the latest in technology helps Security USA® to meet the needs of our clients. Among our latest advancements, we utilize technology to provide a virtual security doorman or virtual gatekeeper with an interactive audio/visual monitoring system that can be used with proprietary facial recognition software, allowing facilities to give the right people access and keep the wrong people out. With these advances, our clients have the option to reduce costs without sacrificing residential building security. Gated communities can us our virtual gatekeeper services to further improve residential security by also controlling pedestrian and vehicular access to gated entrances using license plate recognition technology with or without audio/video communication between the gatehouse and our in-house 24/7 monitoring station.


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