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Newest Advances in HD Surveillance Systems Technology

Security USA® is committed to staying abreast of technological innovations to provide practical and cost-appropriate solutions for you. We have earned a stellar reputation for our integration of cutting-edge communication and surveillance technology with skilled security officers. You’ll improve security and your bottom line with customized security services from Security USA, Inc. Our expert staff offers you solutions from a multitude of reliable technology platforms,

  • CCTV Digital Cameras with Secure Web Interface
  • Video Surveillance Systems, and Audio Channels
  • Access Control Systems (alarm and alarm monitoring)
  • Low Light and Infra-red Camera Systems
  • Restricted Access Elevators
  • Biometric Systems (iris, digit and facial recognition)
  • Remote Security Platforms (via IP monitored cameras and systems)
  • Keypads and Smart Card Readers
  • Video Surveillance with Integrated Audio Channels
  • Fixed and Dynamic Motion Digital Cameras (zoom, pan and tilt)
  • Electronic Surveillance Reports
  • Digital Identification Systems
  • Parking Access Control
  • License Plate Readers
  • Event Activated Surveillance and Digital Recording

Deterring crime and fraud, improving efficiency, and reducing turnover are some of the ways our security consultants can help. Lowering liability insurance rates and the tax-deductible nature of the system’s cost are additional ways Security USA® will help your business save money.

CCTV / Access Systems

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