Brooklyn Security Guard Service

Brooklyn, New York supports the largest population of New York City’s five boroughs though it is the second largest in area. Brooklyn started out as an independent city, but in 1898 when the charter of “Greater New York” was established, Brooklyn and the other four boroughs were consolidated into the modern City of New York. Though it has been a part of New York City for over a century, Brooklyn still maintains a distinct culture and is home to many ethnic enclaves.

Brooklyn’s business community is large and varied, presenting a wide range of security concerns. The shipping industry that at one time was the life-blood of Brooklyn, gave rise to a large industrial and warehousing area near the docks. The relatively newly built Metrotech Center enticed many businesses to move their headquarters away from Manhattan and now houses some of the premier companies in New York City. With its large and diverse immigrant population, Brooklyn is also home to a many small businesses with niche clientele.

Security USA, Inc. provides a full range of security services to the many varied businesses who call Brooklyn their home. Our thorough risk assessments and extensive experience allow us to create integrated security solutions that are both effective and cost-effective for clients from the mom and pop shop who is trying to reduce shoplifting to the large industrial and manufacturing warehouse with a large physical plant that needs to be patrolled, and everything in between. We are happy to provide customized security services to meet the needs of each of our clients.

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