Bronx Security Guard Service

The Bronx comprises the northernmost tip of New York City, and is the only one of New York City's five boroughs located mostly on the mainland of New York State.

The Bronx River divides the Bronx into a western section near Manhattan marked by hilly terrain, and an eastern section near Long Island that is flatter. The geography and variation in terrain of the borough has influenced the development of businesses, with those requiring easy access to Manhattan clustering near the bridges and the northern end being populated with warehousing, industrial and manufacturing because space there may be obtained at less of a premium.

Security USA, Inc. provides security services, neighborhood watch and security equipment to meet the security needs of any industry. The areas we serve span from Tremont to Riverdale and into Westchester, including all of The Bronx. We provide superior customer service and satisfaction, regardless of the clients' location.

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