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Why Security Guards Are a Very Important Factor in Condominium Safety in NYC

Condominium security is a huge concern in the New York City as stats show that about 2.5 million houses are robbed in the United States every year. Moreover, as the building is shared with different families and individuals, condo residents cannot be sure about their security unless there is a security guard protecting the premises.   

Security guards are a very important factor in condominium safety. In this post, we’ll highlight why it is important to hire a security guard for a condo in NYC.

1.     Security Presence

If a security guard is not protecting a condominium, people with malicious intentions are more likely to target it for robbing or harming the residents. Criminals and robbers look for easy targets. If a condo is not guarded by a security guard, it will be an easy target for them. An armed security guard protecting a condo deters criminals and trouble makers.

2.     Diffusing Problems

When a problem arises, on-site security guards protecting your condominium can diffuse it before it gets out of control. For example, if a security guard notices any suspicious person entering the premises, they can ask for their identity and stop them, if they have no purpose for being present at the condominium.

3.     24/7 Security

People who live in condominiums are not always present at home. They may go out to work in the morning or for shopping or other things at night. When people go out, their unit becomes an easy target for burglars. They can break into the property and steal their valuable belongings. However, this won’t happen when there’s a security guard protecting the condominium.

Security guards can patrol the condominium 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When a security guard is patrolling the condominium, burglars won’t attempt to break in at anytime of the day while the residents are away. 

4.     Address Trouble Spots

A condominium in NYC may have trouble spots that are dark and can’t be monitored through security cameras. Criminals and burglars can find these trouble spots by carefully analyzing the condominium building before they make their move. If criminals or burglars find trouble spots, they will be able to easily break into the condominium and steal resident’s goods.  

Security guards can monitor all these trouble spots. They can be employed at different locations of the condominium to ensure that burglars or criminals can’t access the premises from anywhere.

5.     Respond to Emergency Situations

Security guards are trained to provide CPR and first aid. This means that if any emergency situation arises in a condominium, a security guard can quickly respond to it. This gives the reassurance to condominium residents that the security guard will keep them safe from harm no matter what happens.