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Growing Video Surveillance Industry

We took a look at a new analysis of the future and current growth of the video surveillance industry. We've also outlined some of our own analysees of industry trends. 

A recent study titled Global Video Content Analytics (VCA) and Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) Market, Analysis and Forecast, 2017 - 2022, analyzes the trends and areas of opportunities in the video surveillance industry. Overall the study forecasts major growth for the period between 2016-2022, some which has already been seen.

The report compiles segments of market dynamics, breakdowns of services, and technologies by application. Some of the key questions answered include:

  • What is the projected market revenue from now until 2022 for the video surveillance and video content analytics industry?

  • What are the current, growing, and new services in the industry?

  • What factors drive the market today and what factors will drive the market in the future?

  • What are companies doing today to advance the market and respond to their clients’ needs?

Several security companies are mentioned and analyzed in this report. The video content analytics ecosystem consists of many dynamic players from end-users to manufacturers. As a major player in the market, Security USA Inc. maintains that the industry is in fact growing in several directions. We have outlined some of our own projections and analysis of the video surveillance industry.

  1. Data collection is becoming more comprehensive and cost-effective. With data storage and collection technology continuing its path of exponential growth, we are seeing end-users not only collecting more their video surveillance content, but also holding onto it for longer periods of time. This is especially useful for exploring past foot-traffic history and delving deeper into certain cases if need be.

  2. Data analysis technology is rapidly progressing. Facial recognition technology, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), and movement analysis softwares are quickly becoming more advanced. The emergence of big data analytic tools and artificial intelligence allow the large amounts of data being collected to be thoroughly assessed rather than just glossed over. We are truly seeing a trend of machines helping humans, as various softwares have the ability to recognize and notify guards and personnel about potential threats and problems.

  3. Video surveillance cameras are becoming more widespread, versatile, and high definition. The natural progression of camera technology is continuing on its trajectory. Cameras are becoming more lightweight, having better lenses, and better communication to data centers.  

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