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Facial Recognition Software and Security

Facial recognition technology: benefits, uses, and risks.

Facial recognition technology is rapidly advancing and evolving. The number of facial recognition software increases year to year and new software developers are constantly entering the field. Most recent advances have come from social media companies like Facebook and SnapChat, which are leading the field and using their huge databases of photos to enhance their technology and machine learning algorithms.

In terms of physical security, facial recognition could be hugely beneficial to maintaining a building or a property’s security. Facial recognition softwares have the ability to interpret multiple faces at once, cross-referencing each person’s face with a list known subjects. Of course privacy, being a key issue, these lists are often compiled by federal, state, and city law enforcement agencies. Government law enforcement agencies keep long lists of known offenders who could potentially cause harm to a building or property. Security guards could monitor facial recognition systems, checking for alerts. If a potential threat is detected by the system, the security officer will receive a flag notice and could promptly take the proper steps to ensure the security of the building or property.

In a recent FBI hearing, Jason Chaffetz, the House committee chair, stated “Facial recognition technology is a powerful tool law enforcement can use to protect people.” It can also prevent identity theft, but if abused could lead to harassment or stalking. Of course there are risks associated with such a powerful tool, but if properly controlled, facial recognition can vastly benefit both the private and public security sectors.