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Background Checks: Misconceptions

In order to ensure a safe and secure work environment, stay on top of your background check system and policies.

Background checks are an essential aspect of any hiring process. Whether you are screening candidates for a temporary or permanent position it is very important to keep in mind the possibility that dishonesty exists. Most employee candidates are honest and, if hired, will do the job right. However, there is always the chance that some candidates will try to take advantage of your offer and could eventually pose a risk to your company. It is very important to ensure a secure and safe workplace not just for your sake, but also for the sake of all of your employees, clients, and colleagues.

A national survey conducted by Harris Poll and funded by CareerBuilder revealed the importance of background checks and the misconceptions that some employers have about the hiring process and the background check process. Over two thousand employers and human resource manager provided data and filled out surveys regarding their ideas and experiences with background checks. The following conclusions were made in regards to employers:

Employers' Misconceptions:

1. Background checks are not important:

Background checks are actually crucial to ensuring that your employees are honest and that their claimed experience lines up with what they have actually done. In fact 80% of employers claim to have made a mistake in hiring due to a lack of a background check.

2. It does not matter which background check system I use:

Not all providers adhere to the compliance standards set forth by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. In fact, 15% of employers have had to file legal suit in order to deal with bad information coming from their background check providers. When it comes to cutting corners, employment is not the place to be cheap. One mistake can lead to many months of paying the wrong employee who will eventually have to be fired.

Furthermore, many background check services are very inconvenient for employees. Be diligent and keep both your interest and the employee's interest in mind.

3. Background checks take weeks to complete

The reality is, with the right service a background check could be finished in one to two business days.

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