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Union Doorman vs. Non-Union Doorman

Many people don’t understand the difference between a union doorman and a non-union doorman. They think that both are the same and perform the same tasks. That is not the case.

Non-union doormen are also called security guards.  The training and responsibilities of union doormen and non-union doormen differ greatly. The job roles of union doormen and security guards may seem similar, but their capabilities are quite different.

In this post, we’ll demonstrate how a non-union doorman or security guard is different from a union doorman.

Union Doorman

Becoming a union doorman isn’t too hard. They are required to maintain a specific access point in a building. Union doormen are often found in residential buildings like condominiums. They are responsible to ensure that only authorized people enter the building.  

This is essential for security reasons. If an unauthorized person enters the building, they may attempt to harm people or rob them. For example, if a doorman is employed in an office building, they will check the ID of the people entering the building to ensure that no stranger can access the building. Union doormen can also take packages, open doors, and hail taxis.

Non-Union Doorman or Security Guards

Non-union doormen must go through extensive training and obtain a license. Otherwise, they aren’t hired by security companies. Because of their extensive training, non-union doormen bring much more to the table than a union doorman. A non-union doorman can protect the property and the people in it as they are trained to prevent crimes.

Non-union doormen don’t just rely on a weapon. They also have solid communication skills to tackle hard situations. They can understand the severity of the issue and communicate with people who are threatening to endanger others. They can calm such people down and stop them from acting violently. If words don’t work, they don’t hesitate to use force for stopping destructive behaviors.

Non-union doormen are also trained to provide a fire watch service. They can recognize fire hazards and call the responsible authorities to address the issue. 

Non-union doormen complete training in CPR and first aid. This allows them to provide immediate care if someone suffers a health issue.

Sometimes a single non-union doorman isn’t enough to handle a group of armed criminals. In that case, a non-union doorman is wise enough not to engage the criminals. At such times, they call the police for backup. A union doorman may not be able to take this important step.  

Non-union doormen are equipped with the latest gadgets. They stay in touch with other security personnel through a radio. They also use weapon detectors to provide additional security.  

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, non-union doormen are a lot different than union doormen. Moreover, they are a better option for you if you want to protect your building and deter criminals and wrong doers.