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How Much Can a Security Guard Earn in NYC?

Do you want to become a security guard? Do you wish to know if being a security guard is worth the stress and risk? Then, you may be wondering how much a security guard can earn.

A security guard’s salary varies, depending on the city and several other factors. In this post, we are going to discuss how much a security guard can earn in New York City. We’ll also highlight the factors that can impact the salary of a security guard.

Need for Security

As the crimes increase all over the world, companies and individuals have become aware of the importance of guarding their buildings and homes. They are now less likely to take the risk of leaving their facilities unguarded. Due to the growing demand for security, the salary of security guards has increased worldwide.

Salary of Security Guards in NYC

On average, a security guard in New York earns $32,121 annually. However, the salary range of security guards in the city is between $28,438 and $36,876. The reason for variance in the salary range is because this salary is decided based on several factors. Factors that can impact the salary of a security guard include location, experience, skills possessed, employer and industry, and risks involved in the duty. Let’s take a look at these factors in detail.

  • Experience

Experience can make a huge difference in the salary of a security guard. Security guards who don’t have previous work experience won’t be paid the same salary as those who have been employed as a security guard for several years.

  • Employer and Industry

The salary of a security guard in NYC also varies depending on the employer and industry. A large organization will likely pay more to a security guard than smaller organizations. Similarly, security guards that are given the responsibility to protect banks are likely to be paid more than those who guard schools.

  • Skills

Though all security guards must be vigilant and protect a building from criminals or wrong doers, some positions require more skills.  For example, a company may require a security guard who possesses extra skills like computer skills. These companies pay more to security guards because they are taking additional work from them. Therefore, a security guard who possesses extra skills can earn more than those who don’t.

  • Risks Involved

Salary of security guards also varies depending on the risk involved. For example, a security guard hired for a building is likely to be paid more than one employed at a condominium. That’s because the banks are at a greater risk of being robbed. Security guards at banks stay armed all the time to ensure that they are prepared to tackle robbers who may attempt to steal from the bank.