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Tips for Walking Home Safe at Night

Walking home at night could be a daunting task if you are not properly equipped with plans and the right selection of tools/knowledge. Here are some tips for walking home safe at night.

Night time is often the best time for going out, meeting new people, and having fun. Most people have plans on their mind in the beginning of the night, leaving safety as an afterthought. A building with doormen, concierge, or security guards is usually safe enough so that the guests inside do not need to worry about their personal safety. But going between buildings or from a building back home could pose unforeseen risks. The average person could uses some tips for walking home safe at night.

1. Start the night with a plan: You might know where you’re going, but do you know how you’re getting back? Make sure you have the address of the location you’re heading to and figure out if you’ll be able to walk back or if you will need to take a taxi back. Ask your friends how they’re getting back and try to make a plan together. Figure out the best route ahead of time.

2. Use large groups as deterrents: When possible walk back with friends. Criminals are less likely to attack large groups, where they face an increased chance of retaliation. It is safest to travel in groups, if not with friends with other people on the sidewalk. Stay in populated areas and avoid walking alone.

3. Stay in well-lit places: You should always avoid dark areas such as alleys, parking lots, or unlit streets. Find areas with open stores or gas stations. When you need to pull out a phone to find directions or call someone, make sure you are stopped in a safe, populated, and lit area. Another good options is to carry around a flashlight and reflective clothes/vests. This also makes you more visible to vehicles on the road and decreases your chances of being hit by traffic.

4. Carry nonlethal weapons: As a last resort, you could consider self-defense with the use of nonlethal weapons like pepper spray (if legal in your State/County). Make sure these nonlethal weapons are legal in your State/County and that you know how to properly use any nonlethal weapons you are carrying to achieve personal safety and maximum success. Carrying a sound maker or whistle is also a good defense against criminals, who want to avoid being caught.

5. Walk with intention: Looking down, wandering, or being distracted could make you appear like a vulnerable target. Walk with your head up and with confidence. Know exactly where you are going. If you feel uncomfortable it is a good idea to call a friend or family member and let them know where you are. This way they could contact emergency personnel to help you if you get into a dangerous situation.

Security companies are always here to assist you with your safety and the safety of your building and guests. Security USA, Inc. is equipped with well-trained private security enforcement who specialize in public and private defense. Feel free to contact us for consultation or with any questions you may have.