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K9 Unit Functions

This is a basic article indicating the main roles and functions of a K9 unit.

Canine units, also known as K9 units have historically helped security officers and police officers detect and prevent crimes. K9 units have a number of functions, filling a broad range of roles in crime prevention and security systems. Here is a list of the most common functions of K9 units in the field:

1. Locating tools: Canines, or dogs, are valued for their sharp sense of smell. With 225 million smell receptors, a German Shepherd can catch a scent 1,000 times better than a human. K9 units have the ability to track down missing persons and illegal substances or weapons. Trained canines have the ability to communicate with their handlers, letting them know when they are close to a target and which direction a target may be.

2. Criminal Apprehension: Trained canines can detect a rise in danger and defend an area at their handlers’ will. Despite their defensive training, canines are taught to remain friendly and sociable in public.

3. Criminal Deterrents: Having a canine on site is a great upgrade to the look of any security guard operation. The psychological factor of having a canine on site could prevent criminals from transporting illegal drugs or weapons, and could easily prevent trespassing.