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Padlocks, Technology, and Security

Padlocks are being upgraded to include wireless monitoring. Today's security technology trends are helping progress all aspects of physical security from surveillance to locks.

Padlocks have long been the cornerstone of securing property. A basic padlock could prevent a bike from being stolen, stop unwanted visitors from entering a property, and keep valuable objects from being removed from their designated places. Padlocks are made in many varieties from lock and key, to combination, and more recently to Bluetooth®.

A key-less lock may seem like an oxymoron, but Master Lock® just unveiled a new Bluetooth® lock that works through a mobile application. The lock is water resistance and even warns the owner if the lock is being tampered with, providing yet another layer of protection to whatever is being locked up.

One of the main issues with a traditional padlock is the fact that it cannot be monitored, but Master Lock® seems to have tackled this problem quite successfully. The concerns that come up with a Bluetooth® lock are quite predictable. The battery life, durability, and susceptibility to hacking are all potential downfalls. But this military-grade lock combined with its sophisticated security software have withstood many levels of testing.

Ease of use and wireless monitoring are the two big pluses for this lock. Security technology is continuously developing, with monitoring software being the main feature being pushed forward. Today’s digital landscape allows old security methods to be combined with integrated monitoring systems. Apparently padlocks are not being left out of the trend.