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Security Guard Hiring: The Most Important Step in Ensuring Safety

Hiring security guards is a serious task that is often taken for granted in the industry. Security USA, Inc. always diligently approaches this task and ensure satisfaction on both the client and guards' side.

Securing a location involves several step. Video surveillance, patrol, and security software are all very important, but it is the guards themselves, who operate and monitor the machinery, and are critical to the healthy operation of a security program. While heads of security may be eager to fill vacancies quickly, it is important to ensure that the right guards are hired to prevent future problems and risks.

The ideal security guard has to meet several requirements. Beyond proper certifications, background checks and health checks are a must. It is important for a security guard to be both mentally and physically able to deal with challenges of the jobs and tasks he is assigned. Training is required to deal with proper protocols, building inspections, and emergency response. Guards must be able to handle the physical and intellectual challenges that their job requires of them.

Guards should have a thoroughly clean record and present high moral reasonability. When put in a position of power, guards must perform their jobs responsibly, courteously, and enthusiastically. Enforcing physical security is a great responsibility and one that we as a security company do not take lightly. We instill our guards with the same values and integrity that have allowed us to serve our clients over our fifteen-plus years of operation.

All of our guards go through training and state certification. We conduct person-to-person interviews with all our guards and staff, to ensure a high level of aptitude in problem solving and personal interaction. In addition we consistently follow up with current guards to make sure that both our clients and guards are satisfied and a good fit for one another.