Miami Gardens Security Guard Service

Security USA, Inc. is now offering a full range of security services in Miami Gardens, Florida and throughout Miami-Dade County. We are experienced in providing neighborhood watch services and patrols, and working closely with local law enforcement to provide seamless security services for the ultimate in safety for residents.

We are a one-stop security shop, providing the most highly trained licensed professional security guards in the industry, cutting edge security technology solutions and even the vehicles needed for perimeter and parking lot patrols.  When you hire Security USA's, Inc. security services for your Miami Gardens property, you save time and money, because our expert management team will perform a full risk evaluation, and we can provide everything you need to keep your people and property safe and sound.  There's no scrambling to coordinate with multiple providers for guards, vehicles, uniforms and security technology equipment.

Many of our security guards are also bilingual, easing communication within your site, and making residents and employees feel more at ease.  When the guard on duty fits into the culture of the location,  residents and other employees are more likely to feel at ease and be more cooperative, improving the chances that vital information will be shared with the guards, helping to improve the safety of all involved.

In addition to our residential services, we offer security services for office,  healthcare, manufacturing and industrial concerns, and have been known to have our services pay for themselves in savings due to decrease in shoplifting and shrinkage for our retail clients.  When shopping for security services for your Miami Gardens, Florida business, call Security USA, Inc. first, to save you time and money.