Miami-Dade County Security Guard Service

Security USA, Inc. is pleased to bring our cutting-edge blend of manpower and security technology to businesses and individuals in Miami-Dade County. With the opening of our newest office in neighboring Broward County, we are able to better serve the many business owners in Miami-Dade, Florida's most populous county.

In addition to being a popular vacation destination for its beaches and resorts,  Miami-Dade County has also become a growing center for travel-related businesses.  Several airlines and cruise lines have established or moved their headquarters to Miami-Dade, and are among the largest employers in the region.

With our experience and expertise in counter-terrorism, our security planning is the perfect partner for the travel industry, as we can provide services both at their headquarters and throughout their operations.

With its natural attractions for tourists, Miami-Dade has also become a center in the food and hospitality industry.  With our roots in Israeli security procedures, Security USA, Inc. is a leader in providing low-profile, but effective security for public places and special events.

To learn more about how Security USA, Inc. can protect your business, property and loved ones in Miami-Dade County, please call our Florida office at 786-688-8200.