Broward County Security Guard Service

In 2014, Security USA, Inc. opened out Florida branch office in Hallandale Beach, Broward County, Florida. Our new Florida office has allowed us to bring the same unparalleled customer service and integrated security solutions that our clients in the northeast USA enjoy to Broward and surrounding counties.

With many business owners maintaining dual residence in New York and Florida, and establishing business entities in both locations, we are able to provide top notch security services to their businesses in both locations, saving them the trouble of having to deal with two security companies.

Like neighboring Miami-Dade County, Broward County is a vacation destination with a long roster of businesses in the food, hotel, hospitality and entertainment industries, as well as being home to a number of airline headquarters.

Security USA, Inc. is an ideal provider of security services to hotels and motels because all of our guards are trained in fire safety in addition to all required security guard training.  In addition to our well-trained professional security guards, we can provide fire guards and fire safety directors, which are a must for hotels, motels and convention centers.

These same qualifications, make Security USA, Inc. an ideal choice as a security service provider for multi-unit residential buildings, like condominiums and co-ops.  Call Security USA, Inc. 786-688-8200 today to find out how we can make your home or business more safe and secure.