Security Guard Training Programs

Getting Started as a Licensed Security Officer

When you are ready to apply for a Security Guard License in New York State, you must be at least 18 years of age, have passed a New York State Department of Justice background check, and be a citizen of the United States; have a resident alien card (a green card), or have a work authorization card. You must also have taken the 8-hour pre-assignment security officer training class before applying

Training Required for Security Guards in NYS

Before anything else, you will have to take an 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course. Then you can apply to the Department of State for your Security Guard Registration Card. This introductory course covers the basic information that every person working as a security officer needs to know. At Security School, you will learn how to prepare the application or resume for a job as a security officer, and to navigate New York State's requirements for fingerprinting and filing. Once you graduate, you will be able to start your career as a licensed security guard.

Filing Fees in New York State

  • To apply for a Security Guard Registration Card: $36.00
  • When you file for Electronic Fingerprinting: $102.25
  • Additional Service Fee: $25.00

Once you have secured a position as a security officer, you have to complete a 16 hour on-the-job training course for security guards before 90 days has passed. The on the job course addresses the duties of security guards and procedures relevant to their work sites. the pre-certification courses only must be taken once, but you are required to take an 8 hour annual in-service training course for security guards each year throughout your career as a security guard.

Maintaining Your Registered Security Guard Status

Once you have taken security guard training classes, they will remind you every year when you need to take your Annual 8 Hour In-Service Training, to make sure that your security guard registration will not lapse.